The Cove

Unfortunately, I missed last class due to not feeling too well; so I wasn’t able to catch the movie. I have seen clips from it, though, and I also have a general knowledge of what it is about and the contents. This movie exposes a very serious subject that was new to a lot of people upon first viewing. It is sickening and at times hard to watch, but it reveals just how horrible some people can be. At the same time, we can also take a very positive thing from all of this. That positive aspect is that there are people out there making this known and making it relevant. There are people trying to make a difference instead of just sitting back and letting it happen, which is a great thing. Also, since the release of this documentary, more and more activists have visited Taiji to protest/film the dolphin hunts. I understand that this particular hunting has been done for centuries in their country, and they seem to take pride in what they are doing, but hopefully at some point down the road these people in Taiji will realize how horrible all of this really is.


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