Sea of Blood

Recently we watched a movie called The Cove. It was a documentary about a group of fishermen in Taiji, Japan who kill dolphins for no reason other than selfishness. They sell dolphins into captivity but instead of releasing those not sold, they kill them. There has been a long history of the Japanese and whaling. For some reason, Japan has been ignoring the whaling rules and harvesting endangered whales in reply to the ban on whaling. Now they feel they have to go after the dolphins which have no benefits to humans compared to whales.

I really want to know why they do this when dolphins are inedible and have high intelligence. What bothers me even more is the fact that it continues to this day. The funny thing is that it is a small town that can be taken over by a group of Navy Seals. Too bad that would cause a world war III. Japan has been using their political positions to their advantage by buying other countries out for their support at various conventions in order to show how stubborn they are when it comes to whales. I just feel that it is barbaric and not moral to do what they do especially for no reason at all but in spite.

The Japanese are truly an enemy to themselves since they are willing to sell highly toxic dolphin meat as whale meat. They have failed to try to harvest whales through “scientific reasons” and now they are reduced to doing this. It is sad because we can learn a lot from dolphins especially their sonar systems and its applications to our ever changing world. There are so many other things they can be doing instead of killing dolphins for personal reasons.


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