Reflection from The Cove

Dolphins are having a positive impression. Whenever people see them, they always think the dolphins are always happy because of the shape of its mouth. It really shocked me after watching the documentary movie The Cove in the class. I was like one of audiences in the aquarium who are exiting about the “Dolphin Show” or “Whale Show” before watching The Cove. Without the documentary movie about Taiji in Japan, I may still thinking that dolphins are one of the happiest animals in the world. But the truth is, the dolphins may be one of the happiest animals, but their happiness definitely ceases after being caught by the human.

It is scary if we realize how the media and the society create the “Happy Dolphins” impression into people’s mind. Whenever I check on the news about the national aquariums or any private aquariums, they always post news or advertisements about their “Star Animals.” Dolphins, seals, whales and penguins are always popular animals for water shows in the aquariums. If people have to work 8 hours for each day in the show, these animals will have to “play” for the audiences at least 8 hours too, which they will never have to do if they stay in the ocean.

It is also funny about how people think they can control or should control over the world. Human cannot understand the angers from the animals when we humans destroy their home and habitats. But human will kill or capture them if they threaten human’s benefits or areas, like the sample in The Cove, which the fishermen said the reason why they kills dolphins is because the dolphins over eat their fish. But over years, human have been used most of the resources on the Earth, and animals have been faced to extinction due human’s over use of resources.

However, the problems about “popular animal shows” in the aquariums will not stop if people (audience) didn’t go against the show. The show will not stop if people keep supporting them by liking the show. It is not only dolphins we should take notice or take attention on. The screaming of the dolphins in The Cove may not be the only sound from the nature. It is just we human didn’t hear it, does not mean they are not suffering.

The “Happy” Dolphin from


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