Human Nature and The Law

After watching the movie of the Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji, I realized how cruel and disgusting creatures we humans are. I asked my self, do they even have any souls? We human beings never admits the fact that it’s our fault and the responsibility that we must take. All we do is rather find an excuse or just blame it on something else when it’s clearly our fault. Japan can still legally kill by the tens of thousands of dolphins still. The Japanese people have been intentionally sheltered from the slaughter, and the large majority are still unaware that much of the meat they purchase is actually mislabeled dolphin meat.

So who gets to judge if its right or wrong? We might be intelligent but we’re not perfect. Because we created a policy, law or rules doesn’t mean it’s right and we shouldn’t just let it happen. Why are we so blind? But if you also think about it, even if you hate those people who are involved with the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, they must have a reason why they’re working there even though they don’t care about the dolphins. I’m not saying its ok to slaughter dolphins, but if we were one of them and shared a similar life style, then it would be understandable to work there. That’s who we really are. Most of us don’t really care.

Richard O’Barry is the coolest guy I’ve seen in my life. The film was wonderful and very educational. He’s a hero.



2 thoughts on “Human Nature and The Law

  1. It’s both a shame and kinda gross that dolphin meat just sorta leaks into that Japanese market. They definitely need to be more in the know about that whole situation somehow.

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