Is There Any Way To Stop Taiji?

Before I watched the documentary last class I never really knew the extent of Taiji’s cruelty. I had heard o the Dolphin Slaughter, but I never planned to look into it because it sickened me. That documentary opened my eyes to so many things. I couldn’t believe that there would be so many people willing to risk not just their jobs, but their lives to save dolphins. Those people will always be considered heroes to me. We need even more people to be like the ones who exposed Taiji and their evil ways. The sad thing is most of the people in Taiji have no idea what is actually going on. They can thank their government for that! Just a prime example of how the media can easily yield to the government and their secrets.


Dolphins are beautiful and graceful creatures. When I go scalloping in the Gulf, I always come across a dolphin or two. I remember this past summer I was on a boat and a whole pod of dolphins decided to pay us a visit! Simply watching these wonderful animals fills you with awe. As I watched them I also envy them because they see so many things that I will never be able to. Its mysterious and that is the reason behind nature, because we simply can never know everything.

That is why we need to stop Taiji. They are exploiting nature in the worst possible way. What makes it even worse is the fact that we are helping them! We are helping them by going to Sea World, Dolphin Shows, and even watching movies. How we help them is by giving money to those institutions and they use it to fund themselves and to buy other dolphins. Taiji is the main producer of dolphins in the entertainment world. They use a selection process to weed out the best dolphins and then kill the rest without mercy. There is absolutely no reason to slaughter an animal, especially an animal that has done no harm! I hope people will remove the blindfold and come to realize the horror that is taking place in front of them.

For now we just need more heroes who are willing to risk anything for the dolphins and their cause.dolphinss


Sources: The Cove Documentary

-Muriel Holloway


One thought on “Is There Any Way To Stop Taiji?

  1. It is kinda sickening to think of people coming up with more effective methods of killing and harvesting dolphins, like there was probably a few meetings had involving that. Pretty gross.

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