The Cove Reaction

This documentary was by far one of the most excruciating but informative things I have ever seen. It was something that I will never forget. The atrocities that are committed by the Japanese people of Taiji are unreal. My brain cannot even begin to fathom how they have allowed this to happen. I think I’m even more appalled at the fact that Japan, better yet, the world, has not put a stop to this yet.

Why would anyone want such intelligent animals?

I never thought watching this movie would make me so angry at Japan. Well not all of Japan, but the people of Taiji. The deaths of 23,000 dolphins per year at Taiji is something that the world MUST stop. In the last 5years, the fishermen of Taiji have killed 115,000 dolphins and porpoises, which is absolutely UNREAL. Why hasn’t this been stopped yet? Why hasn’t the government of Japan not done anything to stop this? Dolphin and whale meat should be banned everywhere. Not only is it extremely toxic but ironically enough the people consuming it, are ignorant to the fact that it is slowly killing them.

The end of the movie was what did it for me. Words cannot describe the way I felt, and STILL feel after watching it. It was almost one of those things where you want to look away, but its so shocking and horrific that you need to look. Animals being slaughtered, poked with harpoons, and swimming to their deaths is something that I will never forget. Something that really caught my attention, is that the animals are self aware, so they know what is going on. When Ric O’Barry said that Cathy, “Flipper” committed “suicide” in his arms, was something truly shocking, something else that I will probably never forget.

In spite of the dolphin slaughter,  I really applaud the OPS’s efforts in exposing this horrific situation, that is unfortunately still happening in that part of the world. Its people like them that inspire others to do something. I am glad that OPS is putting an effort to stop this. However, I wish that more people knew about this. I am pretty sure that there are other countries in the world where the population knows nothing of whaling. I was really surprised that the rest of the population in  Japan, had no idea this was going on in their country. I hope that some day, these atrocities will stop.

By Jenny Charles-Santos

Picture credit: The Guardian


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