No Impact Man

The idea of reduces wastes and produce least impacts to the nature from daily life may seem to be an interesting idea to try. However, how many people can actually accept the idea and challenge to live without urban resources and technology for a year?

Life without refrigerator, cars, computers, and other technology inventions are scary to people who live in modern life and city, which including me. Even though it is a fact that many people around the world do not have the chance to enjoy these privileges, it is still hard to convince me to give up all these luxurious life I have right now.

Michelle, the wife in “No Impact Man,” can be described as the strongest character in the movie. She likes different bags, having good foods, and coffee before work everyday. She is like every one, who is nothing really special but seeks for better and comfortable life. But this is what makes her a strong character in the movie. She represents people, people who enjoy modern life and conveniences. I remember my first impression while watching the movie, “Michelle is like a typical materialist.” Colin, the no impact man, has suggest a great idea and challenge to his family, but Michelle, may be the only big problem because she can not handle life without materials. She constantly go against to Colin and his decisions, because she can not understand why a whole family has to be involved in “Colin’s” personal project.

But after think about Colin’s project and imagine myself being involved in the project, I realize how scary it can be and how strong Michelle really is. If I am Michelle under that condition and life, I will probably just leave.

Even though I think Colin’s idea is originally good and impressive, but I still think it’s too extreme. I think the idea should focus on how to reduce waste rather than just get rid of all the possible “wastes”. For example, electricity, Colin suggest this idea of not having electricity in his house, and which lead to the result of move out the refrigerator, but he still can not handle life without electricity because he needs his laptop. Without electricity, he cause more waste to the food as they got rot, and he also rises the possibilities of getting hurts or getting the house burn in the night. These extremes has bring away our (viewers’) attention from “how to reduce waste for creating better life” to “how life sucks without these thing.” Instead of teaching viewers how to enjoy life without many materials, he has successfully convince people that it is really not a good idea to get rid of everything. This is totally opposite to what he wants to show at the beginning of the movie, which people can still live good without these materials.

His idea and experiments will be great if he gradually reduce the waste instead of get rid of everything at once.

No Impact Man


2 thoughts on “No Impact Man

  1. In my previous post I also agreed that his ideas were too extreme. Also his attitude kind of turned me off, but I think if he slightly changed them they could actually be useful.

  2. I’m glad you discussed Michelle’s involvement in this and how strong of a person she was. I feel like a lot of people would watch the film and be quick to judge her by saying that she’s whiny or incompetent when she was far from it. She really went out of her comfort zone and then was very accepting of a drastic and abrupt lifestyle change. At the beginning of the post you made a long list of things someone would have to give up to impact the environment and how terrifying that would be. Obviously, I heartily agree. But to make things less overwhelming, I think giving up one tiny thing, like plastic bags or taking the bus as often, would be easy to do.

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