Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just Global Warming?

Global warming. A shady fiend standing in the doorway to advancement. A flat tire on the highway of improvement. An unsettling warm spot in the pool of progress. What are we mere citizens to do to combat this horrid global phenomenon that entraps us? As pessimistic as it sounds, there will never be a time where all the people of the world get together and hold hands around the site of soon-to-be-demolished oil refinery, awaiting its destruction. That is, not without some really awful natural things happening first, which have direct evidence as being caused by global warming.

So, what do we do? Swaying the people in charge looks to be the only answer; people will do absolutely anything given enough monetary incentive, which might include saving our planet from turning into Mars (A bit unsettling to think that.. maybe at some point Mars was another Earth, and now look at the place. There isn’t much evidence to support it other than the fact it used to have water and perhaps a better atmosphere, but, the mere thought is pretty poignant).

People are far too comfortable as they are for there to ever be any kind of major impact on our atmosphere brought on simply by the public, let’s be realistic. Even more effective than money, fear is the ultimate motivator. It builds pyramids, it wins wars, it topples governments. Unfortunately, this means something considerably awful would have to happen to us on a global scale, and by then, would it be too late? Heck, I dunno. There are plenty of people who thrive off fear mongering for money (See: any special on the Weather Channel. COMING UP NEXT, HORROR TERROR HURRICANES FROM HEEEEELL, THESE AREN’T YOUR DAD’S HURRICANES, JACKWAD. THESE HURRICANES ARE GONNA F**K. YOU. UUUUUUP.). But that kind of fear is for entertainment, whether it’s treated like fiction or reality.

Our best bet is getting science in the game and figuring out ways to reduce greenhouse gases, or reconvert them somehow, perhaps some high-atmosphere extractor or something? A large planet-wide belt that sucks in and converts gases? A new species of bird that grabs the gases with both hands and carries it into space and puts it in one of those other sh***y gas giants? All viable answers to the global warming issue, but someone needs to get on it.

Yeah just slap a fire graphic over a picture of Earth. Yeah that looks good. Mmm.



4 thoughts on “Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just Global Warming?

  1. That actual, conspicuous consequences of Global Warming felt by the masses would finally scare us into action regarding it is always something I knew was most probably true, but very pessimistically so. This, as well as the *extremely true* fact that monetary incentive is perhaps the only way to get people in power to actually implement some changes to mitigate climate change paints a pretty selfish, dysfunctional picture of humanity. But hey, we are what we are. Also, this post made me chuckle way hard.

  2. You are making a good point. Humans. All humans. Global Warming is a huge issue everywhere around the world and it leads to fear. Many says they are scared, however they themselves still do not tend to help out to solve the problem. Some people actually try to use less objects that causes global warming like plastic bags, plastic bottles… etc many other things, however out of 10 people only 1-2 tend to try and others don’t, which is quite depressing.

    I do agree that our best bet is to find a way to reduce the greenhouse gases, but so far. I don’t see much solutions. I’m from Korea and I lived in Taiwan and had visited many other Asian countries and greenhouse gases were always the problem. As you could have seen in the other’s group’s presentation last class about China… That is quite hard to deal with. All the greenhouse gasses getting in people’s way, causing the air to be so polluted unable to make us see where we are going…. It’s depressing for sure. Technology is still improving, however I do not know if it is going to solve any of these problems. I hope for it, but I do not know what is going to happen from now on. So far I don’t see much happening to solve this issue especially in the the Eastern Asian cultures..

  3. I think another problem is that there are still people who don’t believe in global warming, and some countries that don’t even know that global warming exists. Its kind of sad to know that its such a big problem but yet there’s still people who don’t know anything about it and then complaining when its too hot in Florida, for example.

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