No Impact Man’s Impact

I previously made a post with regards to the movie No Impact Man. At first, I wasn’t so critical about the movie. But then I got to class on Thursday and realized I had to revise my post.

At first I watched the movie alone and didn’t think Colin Beavan wasn’t so much of a kook. But then I watched the second half of the film in class and I just thought, “wow why didn’t think like this before?” I guess at first I thought his ideas were great; I mean, they were really, really extreme but if they could be modified, they could probably have a REAL impact in society. His IDEAS at least.

But then I realized a few things. First, the name of the project discredited two major parts of his project: his family. The title “No Impact Man”, implies that Colin is the only one participating in the project, while his family continues their everyday life, even though, he clearly forced his poor wife (now ex-wife) and daughter into this HIS project with him.Which brings me to my second point, the treatment of his wife. This poor woman gave up her quadruple espresso lattes to realize her selfish husband’s no emission project. She was on board with his dream, she even used the “pot in a pot” refrigeration method, because he asked for it, but he couldn’t help her realize her dream of having another child. As a matter of fact, whenever she brought up the topic of a second child, Colin coldly rejected the idea, with no explanations. To viewers like me, it almost seemed as if he could care less of about what his wife thought about any of what they were doing, ridiculous or not.

Even though Colin Beavan isn’t the nicest guy, he did have some really good ideas about living emission free. Some of them are really impractical but there are some that people can possibly use. Though, if Colin wasn’t as a selfish man, people would probably believe more in his ideas more. People would probably want to join and do their part to help the Earth. But if he hadn’t portrayed himself in such a way that turned people off, or treated his wife better, and actually showed viewers that he cares about the opinions of other people and doesn’t only care about himself, maybe, just MAYBE, people would want to follow him and the no impact project.

For me personally, its impossible to follow someone,if they show that they don’t care about the opinions of other people. If they didn’t value my opinion, why should I follow them? I command his wife for standing by his side the whole time, even though they divorced later on.

By Jenny Charles-Santos


4 thoughts on “No Impact Man’s Impact

  1. I agree. He has some really interesting ideas – some of them definitely more feasible in certain areas than others – but it was kind of hard to really warm to them when we were watching what a jerk he was being to his wife the whole time when she was so supportive of him.

  2. I agree with all your points, that at first it was a cool project or experiment, but I felt like he almost started doing it for the fame. He was interviewed at so many places and fame is a huge factor in life that boosts peoples egos and makes them selfish, from what I’ve seen anyway. Though he did reject the idea to another child, I almost felt like it was a necessary thing to do at least during his project. Maybe if he said he will consider it after the project is completed, then it wouldn’t have been so cruel, but he definitely put his wife down too much and gave her no credit for how much she sacrificed for him alone. Glad they got divorced.

    ~ Dimitra Trovas

  3. I agree with you too. At least his idea was good try for environment and earth saving.. and I guess his wife is great too because she endured almost things he tried. and yeah, I exactly didn’t like this movie before we watched it all, but now I kind of change my thoughts about this movie.

  4. The guy, after thinking about it, did seem a little insane, at least for a while. I’m not trying to make him sound like a kook but you have to admit his behavior sometimes seemed a little kooky, like he was a little too inspired by this idea he had, without taking into account other people’s opinions, like you said.

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