Is “No Impact Man” making an impact?


After watching a bit of “No Impact Man” I realized how insane Colin Beavan is. The film is about Colin and his family experimenting to have zero impact on the environment for a whole year. That is such an awesome thing to try and do, but will this actually make an impact? I understand his logic and what he was trying to communicate to the world, but the man is crazy.

In my opinion, yes of course I would love for this world to finally have an understanding about the dangers of global warming and what we can do to help, but with the way this world works I cannot see it happening anytime soon. Yes there are people who are already taking aim at fixing this problem, but this is not something a group of people can take on. It is something that has to be worldwide in order for an impact to be made. It is easy to say that even though we could get a great amount of people to make no impact on the environment by living in a zero-waste lifestyle, it still will eventually not be enough to get every family to take action.

One day global warming will get worse than it already is and eventually people will take action, but for now it seems that most of the world just will not do enough to make an impact on changing the environment. Would you want to live a zero-waste lifestyle? Just think about it. Most people would not want to. It is asking to do too much and the world we live in now, asking for too much will not work. I hope that the film can still promote behavioral change to the environment. I really do. I want this to work out and make this world a better place. No Impact Man means well and is someone that I respect, but he actually wanted me to get out of my chair and go and turn off the monitor so I couldn’t watch. I wonder if his wife is still with him?


2 thoughts on “Is “No Impact Man” making an impact?

  1. Ha, I wondered the same thing about his wife! I appreciate the cause, but the personality behind it is pretty much insufferable. It just goes to show how a condescending attitude can really put people off. I found it interesting that the family was receiving a lot of backlash from both the media and the general population. Though not at all surprising, that says to me that he’s sending the message in the wrong way, and getting people to want to help make a change isn’t going to come through someone who seems comfortably perched on their high horse. I suppose that’s a strong opinion to have, but it’s just how the whole thing feels to me. I am interested in his findings though, looking forward to hopefully finishing the film.

  2. I do agree that he was a little nutty, but I think his ideas are worth thinking about. The only problem that I have is, the same everyone has, his personality. He seemed standoffish at times and didn’t really value the opinions his wife had especially in regards to his wife. However, I do think that we should take more steps to take care of the world we live in and find alternative eco-friendly ways to do everyday things

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