Irresistible Truth

The climate change has not only affected those where it is cold or is hot, but also those places with great rainfalls. Taiwan’s local climate is greatly influenced by the East Asian monsoon. Most of the rainfalls and typhoons that form in the Eastern Asia mostly start off from either China or Taiwan. And Taiwan is very helpless to the impacts of the climate change since it has the environment of a subtropical island. As time passed by, the sea levels has risen quite a lot due to change of climate in addition of the earthquakes happening in Taiwan. As a small island as well as a volcanic island itself, it may not be long for climate change to take over the land of Taiwan. The climate change has been taking role in the terrible tsunamis and typhoons around the world such as the Super Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines last November. People in Taiwan are aware that these events are a threat to their safety that the U.S. is firmly committed to joining Taiwan and the other economies in supporting research and taking action to face these threats.

Yang Ming Mountain, Taipei, Taiwan

         I find it terrifying how climate change is something that people are somewhat responsible of. Global warming and other negative effects people had done to the environment are playing a role in the change of climate and now we are unable to turn back. Weathers and other natural things happening around the world are unpredictable at times as well as irresistible that you never know where or when things will go all insane. Although I no longer live in Taiwan, I really afraid what might happen next there since Taiwan still is like a ‘home’ to me. The Typhoon Fung-Wong that has flooded Manila, Philippines is now heading toward Taiwan that addition to its hot and humid weather; a larger typhoon approaches the place. Though what is happening in Taiwan isn’t as bad as what is happening in other part of the world, I’m still very terrified of what ‘might’ happen in the future. Countries such as Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan are islands that it may be easily flooded compared to many other countries. I have heard news about that climate change can cause volcanic eruptions and this is my greatest fear. Taiwan itself is a volcano since it was an island created through a volcanic eruption and right now there are still volcanoes sleeping under the people of Taiwan. If the sea levels rise dramatically it may cause eruption. In one of the Taiwanese news, they have also mentioned that the eruption of Yangming Mountain, a mountain I lived nearby, was not far away. And in 30 or 40 years it may be close of erupting. I truly is frightening how we can’t avoid such circumstances.



3 thoughts on “Irresistible Truth

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I thought how crazy it was that you live so close to something so scary! It makes me even more scared that people are mainly responsible for these climate issues. Honestly if these politicians and bigwigs lived so close to things such as these, they might change their minds indefinitely. I just hope that these people wake up and smell the roses!

  2. This was a very informational post. I do not know that much about what is happening in Asia politically or environmentally, so I enjoyed learning something new. What I would like to know is is if you’ve noticed any changes in Taiwan just by being there, given that you’ve been fairly recently. Also, do you think Taiwan is contributing greatly to global warming? Judging by the photo, I cannot tell if Taiwan is mostly city or country. What are the most popular forms of transportation?
    Aside from my questions, it was a very informational article. All of it is a wake up call.

    • Of global warming is everywhere and that includes Taiwan. Taiwan’s feature (the cities) are very close of that of China’s, however their global warming issue isn’t ‘that’ bad like that of China’s. As you have seen what was going on in China through the presentation last class, Taiwan is much cleaner and clear.

      Here is an image of the cities in Taiwan:

      Right now I believe that the most popular forms of transportation is motorcycle like scooters. Many Taiwanese contain at least one scooter or a car in their household and it is insane when you first see all the scooters driving around.


      Also MRT, the Taipei Metro is very popular for those who do not contain a car or a scooter. Taipei Metro is very close to a subway and it is very popular around since it goes to most places you hope to go.

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