Florida Why You Gotta Be So Hot?!

Growing up in Florida has taught me many different things. One of the most important things it taught me is that heat can be absolutely unbearable. Being a pure Floridian I can say that this place has its good and bad qualities. It has beautiful beaches, forests, and wildlife! However, I think that it is a Bipolar state! It gets so ungodly hot and humid here! It would be perfect if it would just have normal seasons like most of the other states. Sadly, I haven’t seen “normal” florida seasons in a very long time. Now a days it is just super hot, super humid, super rainy or all three combine!

Growing up I remember that it got cold when it was supposed to and it got hot when it was supposed to. However, over the years I have noticed that it just keeps getting hotter and hotter and lasts for longer times of the year. This was when I started to pay more attention to Climate Change and how it really affects us. Honestly a lot of people don’t realize just how important their actions towards the environment reflect upon the world. Each one of us has a “Carbon Footprint” that we leave behind all over the world. This footprint represents our affects both in a positive and negative mater in our environment. We have to learn to become more aware of the objects that we use and create that cause extensive climate change. People right now are a big reason for throwing things off. The result of massive pollution has caused climate changes to become extremely severe. Global Warming is one of the results of man kinds’ obliviousness.

Global Warming affects everything on earth. Its the reason why the Arctic is facing so many problems with its climate and wildlife. It also plays a role in making Florida so ridiculously hot! The scary thing is, the heat is just going to intensify. According to recent studies the temperature is supposed to rise!

“Projected global warming will raise Florida’s average temperature by between 4 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next 100 years. The summer heat index increase of 8 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit will be the most dramatic in the nation. Sea levels could rise by 8 inches to over 2 feet by the year 2100. Rainfall is anticipated to become more intense but also more sporadic, causing worse droughts and storms.”

I don’t know about y’all, but the thought of it becoming even hotter scares me. It makes me think what is going to happen if the water in the ocean starts to slowly evaporate? How are we going to be able to help the millions or billions of ecosystems and wildlife when we can even help ourselves. I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope that we will e able to create some sort of solution that will initially save this slowly dying world.

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Photos: Muriel Holloway




4 thoughts on “Florida Why You Gotta Be So Hot?!

  1. I have been living in Florida for almost 15 years now and I also can’t imagine this place becoming any hotter. If the temperature raised 4-10 degrees, it could be as hot as Arizona. I can’t imagine what kind of impact this would have on ecosystems and the damage it would do to environments.

  2. So… there was a time when Florida was actually kind of cold when it was supposed to be? How cold are we talking, Fahrenheit-wise? I mean, it gets a bit colder when it’s winter down here, but nothing quite as cold as up in New York. Curiously though, the past several winters up there were definitely not quite as cold as I remembered back in my childhood.

    • It was so cold that it actually snowed! It wasn’t a massive amount, but it was enough to lightly cover the hood of our cars and the plant in the yard. My best friend and I ran and gathered as much as we could and then made 6 inch tall snowmen!! It was definitely a sight!

  3. I am totally all for everything you say! It can get extremely hot. I’m not even from the area but just being down here for a couple of months makes me crazy! All of those poor ecosystems in the area will be in a lot of trouble soon! Scary to think about how much hotter it can get! If nothing is done soon, all of you poor Floridians will be suffering for a long time.

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