Climate Change

I’ll admit, I knew absolutely nothing about climate change until Al Gore ran for president in 2000. My family was aware of global warming and climate change, but we did not really consider it until that election. This is a little troubling now thinking back on it because it is a much bigger issue than we know. I believe many people are in denial about global warming and climate change that they do not think it will affect them in their life time… but what about their children and their childrens children? They, too, have a life ahead of them.

I think as humans, we are so easy to take things for granted. We never stop to appreciate the fact that we have running water every morning,  that we have people who wake up at the break of dawn to take our trash,  that we almost always have a way of transportation or that we have the answer to every question at the tip of our fingers with smart phones and computers. We are very spoiled, but once something goes wrong, we are quick to complain.

In the movie that we watched in class about the family going completely green,  they did not use electricity, running water, a car, or even diapers for their child, was kind of a reality check but almost a little insane. It was a reality check in that we all can live a much simpler life, without demands and stress of “keeping up” with society. We really do not need that much to survive, or to smell decent for that matter, but why it was insane, in my opinion, was that they decided to do this, not only with a young child, but in New York City. You almost have to be mentally not all there to do such a thing. NYC is the home of invention. Constantly surrounded by the latest trend and newest piece of technology. Its not safe to walk around, at least alone, after a certain time and its certainly not an easy task to bike there, what with traffic on every corner. This family refused to use public transportation. What would be the point in living so dramatically minimal in the least minimal city in the world? I guess they proved a great point, or even endured a bigger and more impressive challenge.

I always listen to documentaries and read a bunch of articles on global warming, but what I want to know specifically is what is the next step. Yes, the ice caps are melting. Yes, we are creating hybrid cars ( that still run on gas ) to lower the usage of fossil fuels and yes many animals are endangered because of us. But what can we do as a whole? How can we convince people that global warming is happening every day? I think its time to realize that we do not own the earth but the earth owns us and we cannot keep treating this planet as if we have another one to go to.








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