Climate Change Impacts On Biodiversity In The Arctic

Today, climate change is the biggest threat to biodiversity in the Arctic.. I have read a lot of articles about how polar bears are suffered from climate change. I found some more articles about this and I realized that it is really more serious than I thought. The scientists already described that the Arctic region is warmer than it used to be and it continues to get warmer. They said over the past 30 years, it has warmed more than any other region on earth. Most scientists agree that Arctic weather and climate are changing because of human-caused climate change.


Arctic Fox

We know that number of polar bears are decreasing these days, but some people don’t know polar bears may not be the only Arctic wildlife threatened by global warming. Scientists have discovered that Arctic foxes also struggle as the ice disappears because they rely on the frozen seas to survive the bleak winters. The Arctic fox faces a multitude of threats from climate change; its sea ice and tundra habitat are shrinking, its lemming prey are becoming less abundant in some areas, and it faces increased competition and displacement by the red fox which is moving northward as temperatures warm.

Also I read an article about penguins, it said scientists believe that half of the population of penguins in the Antarctic region has been depleted in the last 50 years due to the climate change. It is the species known as the Emperor Penguins that have seen the largest losses. This is due to the warming trends continuing for several years. It is kind of scary to me because I imagined that what if all arctic wilds are gone. It’s terrible, I guess.

I think it is because humans caused this problem, we can fix it. Scientists say that time remains to save polar bears if we act together to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I really want to do something for not only Arctic wildlife but also biodiversity of all over the world. It can’t be fixed immediately, but I think we should act for them gradually.

– by Jamie Juhee Kong


2 thoughts on “Climate Change Impacts On Biodiversity In The Arctic

  1. Hopefully the world can start improving conditions in the Arctic, and fast. In the Antarctic right now, the melting of so much ice has actually been causing dips in gravity – and that’s definitely the last thing we need on the northern pole since the loss of habitat and sea level rises are already a handful. It’s been said that the ozone layer in the Antarctic is slowly starting to improve, so hopefully that’ll help prevent more dramatic loss of ice there and maybe be a sign that the effects of climate change might be lessened in the Arctic as well.

    Here’s an article on the gravity changes if you’re interested -

  2. The melting ice does not only cause problems to wild animals, but also cause sea level rises. Countries and islands that are in low sea level ground plane are facing terrible possible future in which they may be disappear from the Earth, and drown in the water. But still, not many people wild lives as part of the “human society,” even though these can be huge warnings from nature.

    It’s really important to catch attentions from human society to get involve into this global warming issue.

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