Climate change and Irresponsibility

I first heard about climate change in grade school, and I understood what was communicated pretty well.  Pollution and carbon emissions are released into the sky, which causes heat from the sun to bounce back to earth more often, and the resulting heat leads into a chain of events and changes which affect so many ecosystems around the world.

This makes sense to me.  However, I grew up around many people (adults) who voiced that global warming and climate change was exaggerated and was not actually happening.

Some of these people told me they thought global warming was created so that politicians can avoid talking about other more important affairs.  Others thought that global warming was happening but not at a rate in which life will be not able to adapt to the changed environment.

One thing I heard frequently from my christian peers was “God won’t let the earth be devastated before the Second Coming of Christ.”  I always felt that it was odd how often people of the faith would use that excuse.  I wonder if this excuse is just common among my christian group or if it is also common among other christian communities.  Nonetheless I’ve never considered the excuse an acceptable one.  It’s much too irresponsible, like relying on intense medical care to reverse the effects of a your ongoing unhealthy lifestyle.

It’s a little hypocritical to say that “the beautiful masterpiece that is Earth is a testament of God’s magnificence” and then take little to no care about how your actions affect this Earth.  Just a little.


2 thoughts on “Climate change and Irresponsibility

  1. I grew up in a protestant Christian household. I never really paid too much attention to be honest, but the one clear time I remembered them mentioning the environment, they said it was definitely the duty of Christians to do their best to take care of the earth. Your group’s excuse does seem a bit flimsy – there’s got to be free will for a reason, right? God doesn’t force anyone to do or believe anything. He’s not letting the earth be devastated, he’s allowing people to make bad choices.

  2. People put stock in things like that for as long as nothing goes wrong. Then if something dies go wrong then they say it was God’s will. It’s odd, yeah, how people use that as a kind of excuse that no one can argue with because it’s based in faith.

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