South Lido

Growing up in Sarasota, I have spent my fair amount of time at the beach. I always knew to stay clear of the turtle nests that were all over the beach. I never knew, however, that they dated the nests and that volunteers would go to the beach around two in the morning to go turtle watching!

I did enjoy the nature walk under the trees. It is more of an oasis or an island of some sort. When we went on the bridge that led into the mangroves, I was concerned about the water. It was very murky and had some sort of white algae or debris on top of it.  I have seen it before, and it does not smell pleasant. I wasn’t sure if it was natures cause or if it was pollution.

Also, I have never seen so many jellyfish! They were all lined up on the shore. I could not tell if they were alive or not, but there was one floating or swimming away. The water was rather shallow, but not so clear. However, it was very easy to spot out the jellyfish, besides the fact that they were close to shore.

I have always been aware of the rough current on South Lido compared to North Lido. I normally do not see people swimming there because of that reason, but its a nicer location to bring groups and have picnics. Though, the mosquitos were pretty bad in this area. I am guessing it was due to the moisture and the vast amount of nature that has not been touched.

All in all, I thought it was a great field trip. There are many nature trails down that way that should be taken advantage of because it shows Florida’s true beauty. Hopefully they will not build bathrooms that are obnoxiously huge so everyone can have a true experience in nature.



2 thoughts on “South Lido

  1. I wonder if those jellyfish were washed up ashore due to the strong current they had to go through at the southernmost point of the park. Who knows.

  2. It would be interesting to do more research on the water beneath the bridge. I was wondering about the slime-esque stuff on the water as well. Also, you mentioned something about bathrooms. The South Lido Pavilion is actually really cool and is actually really integrated into the landscape. The metal bars that make up the outside mimic the sea oats that are found in the area. I don’t think there are any additional plans to build other restrooms areas.

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