One of the greatest phenomenons of planet earth is our ability to adapt, whether it be relative to a situation or climate climate change. Many animals can adapt to very little change, such as the Polar Bears that are used to a really cold climate. The polar bears are known as endemic species, meaning they are adapted to a particular kind of environment. Now with Global Warming and the climates in the poles gradually getting warmer, the polar bears are in grave danger. Most birds, in contrast to polar bears, can feel the change in the weather; when it gets cooler in the north, flocks move south, and once it becomes warmer in the south, flocks move back north. Of course, this does not apply to all birds. Penguins are suffering the same fate as the polar bears and are each finding it difficult to adapt.

Humans are just about the only species that are highly adaptable to their surroundings and any change that the world provides. We can tolerate different frequencies of climate and can live where we choose. Humans that are in areas with rough climates and harsh weather, tend to have a rough face, that almost has the texture of leather. This is so they can survive the brutalities of earth in their environment. Most of us who live in tropical climates are of a softer nature.

Though it can take some time during the process to adapt. Many cannot handle a big change right away, but most things take getting used to gradually.  We are a generalist species where creatures in the poles are specialist species. It is difficult to say what will happen to creatures who are specialist species because the world is constantly changing, what with all the new technologies and automotives, we could be destroying the earth even more. We are all apart of this planet, and though many species have come and gone over centuries, it is our duty to care for these creatures that make up our home.



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