Trip to South Lido Beach!

A week ago, our Biodiversity class took a little trip down to South Lido Beach Park to examine the surroundings of the ecosystem. I lived in Florida for long time so I have already seen most of the things around here, but still it was interesting. We got to see a lot of different kinds of habitat as well of a lot of different animals.

The trip was amazing though, especially when I saw the sea turtle nest. I’ve heard about those when I took marine biology in high school. It was so cool to see it with my own eyes, i wished I had the chance to see them when they hatch.

I enjoyed experiencing the wild life.




3 thoughts on “Trip to South Lido Beach!

  1. I love the photograph you used! I went there last week and it looked just like that, its a beautiful beach. The field trip we had was a nice change from being in a classroom.

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