South Lido Beach : Great Things I Learned


South Lido Beach!

Last time, we went to South Lido Beach for exploring and learn about ecosystem in this beach. Honestly, I’ve been in Sarasota for four years until now but it was only second time that I visited beach. Sand was so soft, beach was so pretty, and there were some new things I have never know. I think ocean has so large mysterious things that people don’t know.


Protection for Sea Turtles’ egg

The greatest thing I learned in this day was about sea turtles’ egg. In Lido Beach, sea turtles hatch their egg under the sand but they are endangered now and anything (wild animals, people, even weather) can threats their egg so people are trying to protect them. I thought it is really good thing people can do for animals.. I liked how they check them periodically. Actually I couldn’t see sea turtles that time but I really hope to see them some other day.


A Fisherman and a White Crane

The second thing what I really liked was on this photo above. A fisherman was fishing and a white crane was waiting for him to catch some fish. They didn’t be afraid of fisherman, I liked how they stand together and the fisherman gave some small fish to the crane.


Last thing was interesting too. It’s mangrove forest around Lido Beach. I read that Mangroves are tropical plants that have adapted to the loose, wet soils of our coastline, as well as salt water and tidal surges that frequent Lido Key. There are more than 50 species of mangroves throughout the world, with 3 species that are native Florida. Also, they are important because Mangroves have been a highly regarded part of Sarasota’s aquatic ecosystem and have played a major role in the conservation of its coastline. It was quite interesting for me because it was the first time to see mangroves.

by Jamie Kong


One thought on “South Lido Beach : Great Things I Learned

  1. The turtle nest that we visited was the first time I have seen them use a cage over the top. Every nest I have come across in the past had posts with either orange or yellow tape attached to each post similar to the police don’t cross tapes.

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