South Lido Beach Exploration

Our Biodiversity class took a trip down to South Lido Beach Park last week to get a glimpse of the surrounding ecosystem. This was quite interesting and we got to see a to see a lot of different habitats as well as a lot of different wildlife. I was glad we were getting to do something like this because I am originally from Texas and things like this are not too common over there.

While walking up and down the beach I saw stingrays, lots of jellyfish, and a few other smaller fish swimming about. I also saw a wide variety of birds and insects. This was my first time to this beach in particular, so all of this was pretty new to me, especially the mangrove tunnels. As we came close to the end of our walk we got to see quite a bit of these tunnels and got to see some of the fish that lived within them.

One thing in particular that came to my mind while walking up and down the beach was the lack of shells. The one thing I like to do when I go to the beach is go shell hunting, so of course I was looking around a little bit, and there was actually not much at all. This was a big surprise to me, just because usually all the beaches in florida are covered in them. I wonder why this one was not, maybe it was the time of day, or maybe I just hadn’t looked hard enough. This is something possibly worth looking into.

Overall, the trip really opened my eyes. I got to see a lot of things that I don’t get to see everyday, and I got to experience some wildlife close up for the first time. I will definitely be going back to South Lido soon for some more exciting adventures.


3 thoughts on “South Lido Beach Exploration

  1. I also noticed the lack of shells while walking along South Lido. I’ve heard that the amount and types of shells depend on the season…shelling is usually said to be better in the winter. It can also depend on weather- like after a big storm or choppy surf, you can usually find some interesting things washed up on shore. I’ve found all types of shells on South Lido before and have been there on great shelling days, so I’m curious to learn more about this as well, since it must depend on something more than the season and the weather.

  2. Yes ! The lack of shells is always a disappointment, just because North Lido has such a huge and pretty variety. Coming from Texas, there must be rivers or something that you’ve walked upon. Are there any similarities at all? Maybe sand texture or even the current of the river ( or whatever water there is haha ) ? I’ve never been to Texas so I’m curious to know the comparison between the two different states besides desert and tropical landscapes.

  3. Something I noticed that was unique to South Lido Beach (or at least as far as I know) were the little holes in the ground. They were everywhere. About the size of a quarter, but they looked like they could be a couple feet deep. Upon googling, I came up with a couple theories. They were most likely caused by shrimp, crab, or lobsters, which is crazy to think about—because they would have to crawl pretty far inland to do that.

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