Seagulls: Needy Nuisances

Whitby by Nuwandalice via Flickr

Whitby by Nuwandalice via Flickr

During our trip to Lido we saw our fair share of seagulls; in fact there were so many that, as we were told, the water at North Lido wasn’t even swimmable due to excess bacteria from the nesting seagulls. I had always considered the sea bird a nuisance, but this was quite the development to me. With the bird’s inherent flock mentality, seagulls and their filth will always travel en masse, causing problems for coastal cities that have to deal with them daily, something I hadn’t considered.

In researching the bird I found there are many pest control services dedicated to the “expulsion” of seagulls and other nuisance birds and creatures, expulsion meaning that a spray of Methyl Anthranilate is used in the flock area which encourages the birds to move elsewhere. There are other methods to keep the gulls at bay as well like the “Daddi Long Leg”, a spindly object placed on top of street lights, roofs, or any other flat surface. There is also a more advanced method that plays the sounds of predatory birds, and pairs that with large balloons or menacing silhouettes to emulate their predators.

It’s pretty neat that even though sea gulls are annoying and nothing but a nuisance to us, that humane action against them seems to be the weapon of choice, rather than eradication. We should keep the continuity of our ecosystems balanced, so to treat the birds fairly is an important step to preserving the ecosystem around us.


6 thoughts on “Seagulls: Needy Nuisances

  1. I’m the opposite- I have always loved seabirds and growing up in FL, I have a nostalgic fondness toward gulls in particular. But whether you love them or hate them, for whatever reason, gulls and other seabirds are vital to the coastal ecosystem. I’m glad that you concluded that humane interference is better than killing flocks off entirely, but keep in mind that even humane action is still human interference and we need to consider what kind of harm that can do. People generally see seagulls as a nuisance because we like to have things our way. We feed the birds out of our hands and then get upset when they flock around seaside restaurants and steal food from our coolers. When you say “Even though sea gulls are annoying and nothing but a nuisance to us” it’s as if you’re saying that we are doing the species a favor by scaring them off, instead of killing them. In reality, we’re generally thinking only of our best interest rather than the species’ or the ecosystem’s as a unit.

    In certain situations, such as huge explosions of seagull populations in specific areas, human interference is sometimes necessary because of the gull’s predation on smaller endangered seabirds and other marine life. But if the gull population is healthy and stable in terms of the local ecosystem, interfering with the gull’s nesting, breeding, and overall presence comes from a selfish, human place rather than a desire to do good by the environment.

  2. As we left the park, I literally watched a seagull try to dig into a messenger bag. Whenever I go to the beach, there always has to be someone who will feed the birds especially when the beach is packed. That is when I find them annoying because they just come in like a swarm of bees with high chances of you being a target of a “fly-by” if you know what I mean.

  3. I love birds, and this extends to seagulls. But, I hate how dumb humans are around them. We’ve interfered with their eating habits so much that they have become a nuisance. At the beach I literally watched as people held Doritos in their hands and then screeched as seagulls dived at them. Like, what did they expect?

  4. Honestly I both dislike and like seagulls. I don’t like them because they tend to be crazy thieves who like to snatch whatever food they possibly can. This makes me weary of eating anything when I go to the beach for the day! However, I like seagulls because they are able to see things that we can’t possibly imagine. It makes me wonder what they see when they fly over the ocean.

    • I agree! I don’t really like sea gulls either, especially when they steal my food when im at the beach with my family. But it is pretty cool to think about where they have been, or what they have seen or what beaches they have been to, or perhaps other people they have annoyed.

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