Sea Turtles: Hard Shells and Soft Eggs

I’ve lived in Florida for over 10 years now, but rarely did I ever spend my time on the beaches.  When I did go to the beach (as part of some youth activity or a trip tied to family obligation) often times I would find a small area surrounded by a barrier of posts and colored tape (or ribbon, or whatever you call it).

I learned that these barriers were set up around the nests of endangered sea turtles as a means to protect the vulnerable eggs from being destroyed.  Sea turtles have become endangered because when they first hatch the vast majority of the turtles fall victim to numerous predators before they can reach adulthood.  A lot of recent threats such as climate change and human error do not help the situation either.

I think it’s interesting that a creature that is so frail at birth can become so resilient as it reaches maturity.  I’ve never seen a sea turtle in person, at least not close enough for me to discern it, but hearing about them and reading about them has helped me to develop a respect for them.


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