Hi, Lido Beach

As a student from abroad, Sarasota is just a city that I have been live for a year or more. Before coming, I knew Sarasota is a famous city for beaches and ocean. However, I have never been a real outgoing person and success in learning swimming in my life. So for me, beach is just a place where a bunch of “super excited” people gather, enjoys the sun, and has fun. Despite the fact that Lido Beach the only beach I have been visit in Sarasota, none of my visiting actually go into the water and have fun, most of time I just walk around the beach and do nothing.

So when I heard about going to Lido Beach during class time, I was definitely nervous. I was afraid of going into water or something like this. But this class trip is actually different from what I had thought.

This class trip is more like introducing a new perspective of beach. By seeing the beach as a environment for other species rather than a place where human have fun, it is really interesting for exploring Sarasota in this way.

While walking around the beach, I see many things that I have first time seeing in my life such as jellyfish (live) and sea turtle’s nest. The sea turtle’s nest, I am sure if I go around the beach by myself I will not even notice or recognize the nest in the sand, I may probably thinking it as a big hole that somebody dig for fun.

It is really interesting going around the beach, seeing the mangroves, and walking in the woods. I knew there are some mangroves being protected by scientists and government in my country. However, this is actually the first time for me to see a “real” mangrove in life instead of in the photo. So I am kind of interesting in going into the mangroves by boat if I have any chance in the future.

I feel refreshed after coming back from the beach. The perspective of viewing the things is different after the trip. The beach looks livelier even though not many people were there. Beach is always crowded, but not with people, but lives.

Judy Huang


One thought on “Hi, Lido Beach

  1. I like this post a lot. It is interesting to me that you never thought about the beach as a place for other species……Since my studies have always been marine biology, I think more about the other species there than the humans. I love that everyone has a different perspective!

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