Down By the Sea: South Lido Beach Park


the beach

Recently, our class went to South Lido Park. Cool place – never been there before then, but considering my outdoorsy roommate, I’m likely to find myself there again before next school year. It’d be nice if we go kayaking – it’d be interesting to get to go through the mangroves to see how they look from the inside.



It was all in all a fun experience, not to mention it’s always nice to go to class out of classroom for once. I haven’t had one of those since that awful perspective class what seems like eons ago; the last actual field trip I had was out to Big Cat Habitat (which was equally fun)

I did manage to accidentally step on one of those awful little torture balls of surprisingly sharp needles. I’d say it was like getting stabbed by a cactus, but ten times stickier and more painful. But enough complaining, because I did actually enjoy going. It was one of those kind of days that awk?was just perfect for walking around – not too hot or sunny, with a sweet little breeze just blowing through.

I don’t really know too much about animals or plant life, but I do like looking for them. Aside from the mangroves though, nothing plant-wise really stuck with me. The animal life was pretty awesome though. Encountered quite a few dead jellyfish. Poked one that was still alive with my toe. (Apparently somebody saw dolphins? Must’ve been before I got to the park. Oh well.) Got to see a nest of turtle eggs, which technically was a little sandy hill under a cage. Still, I’ve never seen them so up close. I can’t imagine anyone wanting the graveyard shift anywhere, but it must be pretty amazing to get to witness turtles hatching. It’s kind of sad that they’re so endangered that they need people to watch over the babies just to make sure that they don’t die horribly before getting into the water.

Another interesting thing was the birds. My roommate had pointed out that an osprey (or was it a seahawk?) had managed to catch a fish, and that it had flown up into the trees to eat it. I’m a little disappointed that I missed it. The other birds that I saw as we walked along the sea tended to stand beside fisherman. Clever. I wonder if the fishermen ever got annoyed that the birds would try to steal their catches.


fisherman and bird

Manatees like to come here, it seems. Not surprising – last year I lived at the Cove on campus, which is right by the river. Manatees come by occasionally and eat the trash floating around there. I remember being really horrified when I saw it happen, and then feeling really annoyed at the people living nearby. Seriously, what kind of jerks just decide to throw trash in the water when they’re literally standing less than twenty feet away from their houses, where there are bound to be trashcans? If they can’t find it in themselves to keep the area clean, they ought to be ashamed of themselves for their sheer laziness.

source for photos: all taken by me


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