Adventures In South Lido Beach

Our class took a field trip to South Lido Beach. it was a really beautiful sunny day.It reminded me of the beaches in Dominican Republic.The sand was really soft, it almost felt like  if you stood in it long enough, you’d start to sink in it. There was people paddle boarding, which I thought was really interesting because, one of the popular things that people do when they vacation in Samana, Dominican Republic are water sports, such as paddle boarding and tubing.It reminded me of my days as a little girl running through the white sandy beaches of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Playa Bonita

Playa Bonita Samana, Dominican Republic Photo from Jaxx Caribbean Blogspot

Something I saw that really surprised me was seeing dolphins. I had no idea that Florida even had dolphins, especially in this area. I used to believe that the only way I could see dolphins in the wild would be on an excursion far away in the middle of the sea. But seeing them so close to residential areas was really surprising. I wonder if they are affected by boating or by other human factors. I also wonder if they migrate there or if they live there all year round. However, it was really cool to see them as it was my first time seeing dolphins in Florida. Something else I had never seen before in person was the sea turtle nests. It was in a small wired cage with signs that prohibited any interaction with them. The only times I have seen a sea turtle nesting area are in Discovery Channel documentaries. They documentaries always show the baby sea turtles making their way through danger into order to reach the sea, but I think it was really a great idea to help these tiny creatures make it to the sea. Perhaps, with human help, they will have a greater chance of survival.


Beautiful beach day


Sea turtle nest

One of the most interesting parts of the beach, in my opinion were the birds. I have always had terrible experiences with birds at the beach. Alot of them used to steal my food when I was younger. However, this time at the beach, I didn’t have such a terrible experience. The birds seemed to not be afraid of people there. One of them even approached a fisherman and stood there while the man fished in the sea. My first time in Lido Beach there were many birds, that didn’t seem to be afraid of us being there. But similar to the sea turtles, there was a perimeter squared off away from the public indicating the birds were nesting. It makes me wonder if the offsprings of these birds were also not afraid of humans.  Unfortunately, I did not see any chicks, to solve this question. BeFunky_Chromatic_14.jpg BeFunky_Chromatic_12Post by Jenny Charles-Santos


2 thoughts on “Adventures In South Lido Beach

  1. There is a population of wild dolphins that just hangs out here in Sarasota. Almost every time we go out, we see them! Sometimes they get really close. So glad you got to see them from shore….

  2. Same here, I didn’t really expect to see either dolphins or sea turtle’s eggs in such a close distance, and especially in the beach. (But I miss the dolphins…)
    But I still feel it’s really lucky that we can get a chance to experience with different wild lives in Sarasota. I hope I can see the dolphins next time…

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