A new fishing chapter in my life!!

Image by AroundSarasota via AroundSarasota.com

Image by AroundSarasota via AroundSarasota.com

    Last Thursday, my biodiversity class went on a field trip to South Lido Park in Sarasota. We took a hike around the shore of the park. I thought it was a perfect day with the right amount of sun and breeze. The point of the hike was to observe the local biodiversity of South Lido Park. I saw several animals such as jellyfish, ladyfish, stingray, osprey, greenbacks, and crabs.

    However, it was the ocean that intrigued me the most. As I walked to the Southernmost point of the park, I had flashbacks of myself as a kid fishing at Boca Grande . That part of the park was a splitting image of Boca Grande especially the where the strong currents are. I loved fishing growing up and I have been looking for a local fishing spot since I moved to Sarasota. It hit me right there that the fishing must be very similar due to the strong currents that churns as the tides go in and out.

Avid fishermen know that strong currents can yield some large sized catches by the edges of the currents. I also saw plenty of schools of bait fish which would be perfect for cast netting. This trip was a success for me since I found a good spot to fish. I look forward to what I might catch and figuring out the best fishing setup for the area through personal trail and error. I am excited to see what the waters of Sarasota has to offer me.


2 thoughts on “A new fishing chapter in my life!!

  1. At certain times, you can see the fishermen just lined up along that shoreline. I have seen people there catching sharks and other big fish. Hope you have a chance to get out there and catch something!

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