The Little White Dog

Dogs are consider as the best friend / pet to most humans in the world. They are beautiful, loyal, and warm to human. Poodles, Greyhound, Beagles, and etc, these are dogs that can be commonly seen in daily life. However, when we think about these dogs, we mainly think about how pretty or how cute they are. People rarely think about the dogs that lose in the election of evolution.

Wild dogs is a serious problem in Taiwan, places like mountain, cities, and country sides, can all seen wild dogs around. Wild dogs are usually gathered as a group in countryside and mountains, where human population is lower. Each year, around 60 thousands wild dogs are born in Taiwan. These wild dogs are mainly left over by human who are not willing to taking care the dogs because of appearances, health conditions, and ages.

I remember when I was young; my uncle has a little white dog (I forget what breed it is called) in his family. The dog is small and furry, but I had never close to that dog even it looks like a doll. The dog always barks to anyone she is not familiar with, so whenever I walk or pass by my uncle’s house, she is always barking like she wants to bite me. She barks most of time in the day, and I can hear her barking sound even I am far away from her. Sometimes I could even dream about her barking in my dreams. She has never being nice to me.

I have to admit, I was actually kind of afraid of her when I was young. Even now, I can still picturing her barking in front of me.

Years pass, and she just keep barking. But one day, her sound just turns out silent. When I asked about the dog, my grandma just said, “they brought the dog to the mountain.” I know what it means even though I was only an 8 years kid. They left the dog in the mountain because she is old and feel annoyed for her barking sounds, and they, my uncle’s family, don’t want to take care of her. She was half blind, and old when she was sent to the mountain.

As a kid, I was speechless, but a feeling of loneliness was there in my heart. She has always been a scary dog in my memory, and now, she just easily carried away by my relatives and left in the mountain. She is weak, and powerless, so that’s why she has to pretend to be strong and harsh.

Whenever I think about her again, I always see a little white dog barking in an enormous deep mountain, and alone.

Dogs are human’s best friend and pet. But while enjoying the dog’s appearances and the happiness dogs bring to human, human should always think about the responsibilities to the pets that were being loyal to them. Dog is not toy, but is also one of the lives on Earth.

Judy Huang.T.T

From “White Dog Breeds “


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