Origins and Mix Breeds

As a young girl, I always wanted a puppy, however as I grew older I slowly became a cat person rather than a dog person. I still do find them adorable as well as amusing at how they connect and interact with humans.


Image by me; Toby.

    I have a friend who has a standard poodle, Toby, that is about half the size of a teenage girl. When I first met Toby I was fascinated by its size because most poodles in Asia were all mix breed poodles so they won’t grow into the size of a standard poodle rather a size that a human can pick it up really easily. I had always thought that poodles were originally so small, but then knew that they were originally so big from my friend’s dog. It’s entertaining to know how dogs were bred.

In the video, “Science of Dogs”, they talked about how humans had began to breed different dogs together to create all kinds of different mixed breed dogs. I find that amazing how people find the advantage of a dog and mix it with the advantage of another dog. With the mix breed, there are now so many different kind of dogs you could list out. Though people do that to create the ‘perfect’ dog for the use of hunting, training, or any other reasons, I don’t find it as a bad thing since they aren’t forcefully making the dogs to breed each other. It is quite challenging to breed different types of dogs together forming a new type of dog. I know this is obvious, but since the time humans were on earth we took over the power to control most things which is quite saddening. And the origin of many dogs are decreasing mostly because humans were mix breeding so many of them. There is a Korean dog called Sapsali, however these days it’s hard to see them in Korea mostly because people had been breeding them with other dogs that their original look is nearly no longer seen. As I said, it is interesting to see mix bred dogs, however I also hope that we would increase the number of the origin of a single breed.

– Jin Park


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