Miloux and Me


Hi! My name is Miloux

Hi! My name is Miloux

Miloux is my eight month old miniature Schnauzer. He is the apple of my eye and is the fourth sibling me,my brother, and sister never had. He’s a little dog full of energy and keeps me, as well as everyone on their toes. Sometimes he can be a little feisty but he’s so cute, neither me nor my family members can resist being mad at those little hazel eyes, for more than five minutes.

Miloux the Mini Schnauzer

Miloux the Mini Schnauzer


Watching the “Science of Dogs” made me realize why sometimes Miloux is feisty, or why he’s so intelligent for only being eight months old. Its kind of fascinating to think that his breed originated in Germany as big muscular black dogs with tails. Although Miloux has the trademark Schnauzer mustache, he isn’t a large black dog with a tail but rather a small muscular puppy with a bobbed tail. Years of human intervention, have rendered the Giant Schnauzers into smaller ones, like the toy, and miniature versions, like mine.

Sleepy doggie

Sleepy doggie


The movie also reminded me of the bond we share. Dogs are dependent on humans, for shelter, food, and even love. Now I understand why Miloux likes to stand in front of the door when he has to go potty. He depends on me for all his personal needs, someone to open the door for him and let him go out when he needs to go so badly. I never knew why he got a fever, the same way I do, after getting a shot. But most of all it also made me understand the unconditional love dogs have towards their owner. Miloux is the first dog me and my family have ever had, we never really were the type of family to have a pet growing up, but as adults, we decided to give it a shot. I never fully understood why when say, I cried, he sat in front of me with his head tilted to the side watching me with his big hazel eyes, or why when i sat on the floor writhing in pain after having hit my foot on the table, he’d come and lick my face and fall asleep on my lap. All of these special moments I’ve been able to share with my little Miloux, are explained through this movie. I think it is a movie all dog owners should watch to better understand their pets, and to see why dogs are truly a man’s best friend.

Pictures & Post by Jenny Charles-Santos




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