A quite unusual deer.

Deer are usually thought of as cute and innocent. They may only pose a threat when they kick in fear before darting into the woods. Also, they rarely ever have giant teeth resembling vampires fangs hanging out of their mouth! The tufted deer might be a little out of the ordinary, but also quite fascinating. This deer is a small species located near central China and northeastern Myanmar, characterized by a prominent tuft of black hair on its forehead and fang-like canines for the males. I thought this was very interesting because I have actually never heard of anything like this before. You would never really think a deer would ever develop something like this, or at least I didn’t. The fangs on the males can get to be as big as 1 inch long, or longer in rare cases. These deer are usually timid, but are said to be very protective of their territory. They have even been known to eat dead animals, which is a very rare observation in the deer world. Im not quite sure if I would want to encounter one in the wild, but this is definitely a rare animal I wouldn’t mind getting a glimpse of one of these days.




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