Yo, What’s Up Dogs?!

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Watching that video about dogs in class really made me miss my own!! It also taught me some things that I never knew about dogs, and I’m a big dog lover. One big thing that I didn’t know is that most of the pure bred dogs have more problems than mixed breeds. To me that came as quite a shock because I have two pure bred dogs. One is a miniature Jack Russell and the other is a miniature Dachshund. Hummer is the jack russell and Shockey is the dachshund. Being a dog owner has taught me so many things about these specific breeds as well as their personalities. What I learned about jack russells is that they aren’t really pure breeds. They have been mixed breeds throughout the centuries. They had been mixed with so many different kinds of dogs to become the breed you see today. However, in current times they are being more accepted as a “Pure Breed”. They have also inherited the problems that most pure breeds have as well. My boy Hummer actually has terrible allergies! During the summer he breaks out in a rash and he just itches himself uncontrollably, my poor baby. He is in good hands because my family and I take the him to the vet to get his medicine every month, so no more itching!

I always thought it was strange that dogs could have the same sicknesses or allergies as humans. Such as Intervertebral Disk Disease, which my dachshund could possibly get due to his breed. This disease affects his spine and slowly starts to deteriorate, causing problems for him to walk. Don’t worry though! My boy is in great health and has no problems! Something else that I always thought was interesting is that smaller breeds tend to live longer. Hummer is 10 and Shockey is 7! Yet they still look pretty young, that must be nice! Shoot most people would kill to look young.

Living with these two canines has taught me so much about their own personalities, its really something to see. Hummer is the tough guy who guards the house. He will bark at anyone and anything that is in front of the house, even me and I live there! However, once you step in the house he stops barking and jumps all over you wanting to be scratched and loved on. He is just a big dopey mess. He isn’t the smartest, but he makes it up by loving me. Then there is Shockey. Shockey is the smarter of the two, but the most spoiled and to put it simply is just a little shit. He is sweet when he wants to be, then once my dad comes home nothing else matters. Shockey likes to choose sides when it is the most convenient for him, such as when it comes to food. Actually, Hummer is also that way when it comes to food, so they both are pretty spoiled! Honestly I wouldn’t trade them for anything because they are my boys. Thats why I love dogs so much because as long as you give them love and friendship they will give it right back to you.



Photos: Muriel Holloway




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