Understanding Biodiversity

      The survival of different species is important, because they make up part of the functioning ecosystems that provides the natural works that we all depend on. The ecosystem services includes the purity and the flow of the water, the determination and avoidance of excess of climates, protecting the topsoil, controlling the harmful insects and other pests and also other organisms that are resident in the natural habitats.

      As global warming continues and becomes more intense, it will be necessary to improve for our world to identify and grow species and genetic races from areas with more moderate climates so that we can control the global warming and make it better.

      If everyone understood the importance of  biodiversity would have impacts both regionally and throughout the world. With global climate change, It is destroying our organisms around the world, scientist need to know a great deal more than they do now to around the world. We need to know a great deal more than they do now to understand what is happening. Could human play a part in remedying this deficiency, while helping itself at the same time?


Photo :http://atyourservice.blogs.xerox.com/files/2010/04/EarthDay.jpg

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