The Galapagos Archipelago


The Galapagos archipelago holds lots of unique and interesting creatures but the most curious of all are the iguanas. On the archipelago there are two types of iguanas, marine and land. Marine Iguana is a unique creature it has adapted to be able to dive under water up to 30 ft. and feed exclusively on red algae from the sea. They can also have a build up of salt deposits on there heads from diving under the water 2-3 times a day. They mostly feed during the middle of the day for protection from predators. The iguanas themselves are primarily black and dark grey with red section of their body. Their red coloring comes from the algae and it varies from iguana to iguana. The iguanas are cold blooded and need to spend most of their time out of the water on rocks to warm up from the cold water. This behavior of lying out on rocks is much different from the land iguanas they tend to hide out near the cactus bushes. The unique thing about the land iguana is that they have developed a way of eating the cactus. The land iguanas lives on one of the uninhabited island where the terrain is rocky and not much grows, other than cactus and a few wild flowers; because of the land iguana’s habitat it has adapted to not be bothered by the sharp points of the cactus. The iguanas coloring is much different from is sibling the marine iguana, the land iguana is more of a sandy color to “blend” in with the environment around itself. These two iguanas are both only found on the Galapagos archipelago and seem to be thriving given the great adaptations they had to go through to be able to survive.



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