Shrimp never scared you until now.

Shrimp. So innocent, small, and delicious, but have you ever thought they could be extremely horrifying. Let the Pistol Shrimp change your mind about how cute and innocent shrimp are.

The Pistol shrimp, also known as the snapping shrimp, is no larger than one of your fingers and yet can completely knock out its prey and predators with one single punch. One of its two claws functions like a typical handgun. It actually cocks its claw like a gun and sounds like a gunshot when it snaps. The force of it closing its claw is so strong that it shoots a bubble bullet at a speed of 62 miles per hour at its target. Just as fast as a car! When the pincher on the claw is pulled back, the amount of pressure built up inside is so high that when it releases the bubble of waves, the energy let off is as hot as the surface of the sun. That is around 4,700 degrees Celsius! The prey is instantly stunned by the burst of the bubble.   Now that is insane. It takes just a fraction of a second to stun its prey with this highly successful adaptation.

People who have been hit by a pistol shrimp say that the pain is like getting hit by a rubber band. Just imagine the amount of pain smaller prey of a Pistol shrimp feels when it is hit. Pistol Shrimp are not easily identified by sex. We believe that males are thought to have the larger pinchers. Some get the Pistol shrimp confused with the mantis shrimp if you are listening to the sound, but the Mantis shrimp is in no ways harmful. Pistol shrimp are one of the most interesting crustaceans in our ocean. You can call it the fastest gun in the sea. That is one intimidating reputation.



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