Ecosystem in Dubai, U.A.E

An ecosystem is a group of organisms that share a physical environment and interact with each other. An ecosystem can be as small as a tiny piece of land or water to an entire continent. The tropical rainforests in South America are an example of a ecosystem. Each ecosystem has a number of different living as well as non living organisms . Most ecosystems depend on the food web/ chain within itself to survive.

Being from the United Arab Emirates, the most abundant and common one is the desert. The land is mostly sand and a few shrubberies. The most seen animals in it are camels, red foxes and scorpions. They all rely on each others survival to keep the ecosystem thriving.  In all ecosystems, the living organisms have adapted and continue to in order for them to keep up with the changing environments. For example, cacti are different from other plants as they do not need constant water to stay alive. they have adapted to living in the dry conditions by increasing water retention and decreasing its water loss. They do this with their small thorn shaped leaves. This way water seeping out is slowed down where as with a larger leaf, they would not be able to hold enough water as it would seep out the leaves too quick.  Fig.1 Sonoran Desert Plants


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