No Impact Man : Over Consumption

The concept of cutting everything out and seeing what you really need to live is something I think all people need to do! Over consumption is a global problem that is being caused and worsened by a small fraction of the population. America and its consuming habits are the biggest contributors to the world’s global consumption problem, but unless it is brought to most people’s attention it is not a problem someone would really think about. The main problem is that Americans have lost the meaning behind the phrase “waste not, want not.” We want and desire more and more because advertising and corporations tell us it is what we need to be fulfilled. As that happens, the waste we produce starts to pile up, as broken objects, out of fashion items and packaging. Each American on average throws away four pounds of trash per day. Now multiply that number by the population of North America, which is about 274 million. That equals about a billion pounds of trash per day! In learning about where your products come from and how they were created you will realize that what you do affects everyone around you. We as Americans need to start walking lighter on the Earth and by learning about this problem we take a step in a better direction. Just remember “live simply so others may simply live.”




2 thoughts on “No Impact Man : Over Consumption

  1. I definitely agree that over consumption is a big problem. The united states is a country of consumption. We make things to help make more things and we don’t really think about the rest.
    I do believe that if we stopped spending money on useless junk, we saved money, or used it in things we actually need, then life might get a little easier. Not only for the planet’s health but for our very own, and our own livelihoods.

  2. I ‘sooo’ agree to the fact that in America people tend to put a lot of things to waste. When I came to the US for college, not only I had a culture shock I was quite surprised at the fact that people were wasting so many items, mostly plastics. In the countries I lived in, Korea and Taiwan, when we go to a marketplace the workers tend to place all our items in one plastic bag until it overflows, but I noticed that in places like Walmart and Targets, people tend to use plastic bags for nearly every single items. CO2 emissions overtime from plastic bottles and plastic bags, and in each plastic bag you use contain about 6 kg of carbon footprint of plastic (polyethylene) with CO2 per kg of plastic. Think about how many plastic bags you use for a year that sum up to a huge amount. Also basically the production of 1 kg of polyethylene requires the use of 2 kg of oil for energy. So whenever you throw away a plastic bag you are burning 12 kg of oil creating about 36 kg of carbon dioxide (1 kg of oil creates about 3 kg of CO2). It is true that there are other trashes the Americans wastes, however if we used a reusable bag instead of plastic bags, it would at least help the environment a lot more. We may want to use more, but it would be better to think of using less.

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