The Most Beeautiful Creatures

I first heard of colony collapse disorder when I was in middle school, and I’m glad that I wasn’t the only who’s aware of this issue.  However, I was also frustrated that being simply aware of the problem wasn’t good enough, people don’t exactly know what they can do to help. The Vanishing  of the bees has giving us a few suggestions for the publics to take part in helping the bees.

It was eye opening to know that the problem of bees is also the problem of the monoculture. Nature doesn’t put all eggs in one basket, monoculture destroys the soils, the diversity of species and their habitats, it requires huge amount of chemicals,which makes the products from monoculture are enormously unsustainable. In one word, it is simply not a healthy system. The disappearance of the bees not only pointed out the problem of the abuse of bees but also unveiled this unhealthy system as a whole, the system that we humans had created for growing our food, and the way we force the nature to fit into our habits. Like i said before, humans are the only species that refuse to adopt.

“Bees are indicators of environmental quality. When the bees are dying, something is wrong, and that’s going to affect all of us. ”

-The Vanishing of the Bees

The bee society is one of the most complex and beautifully self-organized civilization on earth, and I think one of the things that makes them so amazing is that they are matriarchal. According to some most ancient mythologies from all around the world, we can found similar beliefs on the idea of female represents creativity and birth, while male symbolizes destructions and war, and as I looked at the benefit of honey to the whole ecosystem, ironic enough, this might be true. There’s a reason why we named our earth “mother nature”. Which brings up another very interesting subject, the rising of the African Killer Bees, it is exactly the natural selection happening in front of our eyes, some said  it’s the defense system of bees against the destruction of humans, some said it is a way for nature to balance itself. I think, perhaps when the nature starts learning from human, we should as well participate into this collective wisdom by beeing part of it. Planting wild followers, supporting local honeys and organic farming, etc.


Also, please take a few minutes to watch this very educational and funny video about bees:



4 thoughts on “The Most Beeautiful Creatures

  1. Love the post. I thought about similar things. I was wondering what other damage we have caused to the nature world. If Monoculture has such a negative effect on be what is it doing to other things. There are may many things we are not aware of. It is true too, that we should learn from nature because it provides a lot of wisdom and knowledge and i dont think people are as intelligent as they think they are.

  2. I agree that your post. The Nature is getting learned about human, so we have to adapt the change. I think the biggest cause of CCD is human activities like pollution or insecticide. Why people do not act anything? It is really ridicules because we did not take care about what we done. We did a lot of harmful things on the earth, so now it is time to give up some of our benefits and take care of our planet.

  3. What amazes me is how oblivious humanity is to these things happening. Like you said, we’re seeing natural selection happening right before our eyes, evolution working it’s magic on these bees, but all we’re concerned about is controlling them to do our bidding and pollinate every field we take them to. When will mankind realize that this is a force we cannot control?

  4. I have a friend who is a part time beekeeper. Having witnessed the beauty (and deliciousness) of bees has helped me to appreciate the less popular sides of the worlds ecosystem. Sometimes people just need to understand that they should apply at least the basest level conventional morality to more than just our fellow human beings.

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