Bees: MIA

As someone who’s enjoyed the sight of bees flying around her home since childhood, the film The Vanishing of the Bees was a real face-slapper. I had heard about the whole issue of bees disappearing on the news and on various internet sources, but I had no idea it was so bad, and large, that the US actually to to ship bees from Australia over to here to help pollinate some major crops! That’s ridiculous if you think about it enough. Flying bees all over the world because they keep going missing.

The film gives a lot of really good viewpoints on the dilemma and its just devastating in many scenes to see how the bees disappearing is affecting beekeepers and their work. They appear to be really passionate and hard working people and it’s really great to see how much they care about the bees they have and the environment.

Although the exact cause of Colony Collapse Disorder(CCD) is still not known, enough evidence has been shown that one of the culprits which is affecting the bee populations is the commercial used pesticides that many farms use to put on their crops to help keep pest species away. What makes me really mad though is how it’s obvious that the pesticides harm the bees, and even us, but mainstream US farming continues to use it. We know pesticides are bad but we still use them?! Talk about messed up. I feel that if we really want to help see a comeback in the bee population we need to change up the way farming is run in this country. We need to ban the use of pesticides like they did in France, and we have to move towards a healthier, more organic way of cleaning what we grow so we don’t cause harm to bee colonies and other pollinating species.

I’d like to be able to walk out into the garden at my home and be able to see bees flying here and there doing what they do best. Instead though, like the farmers and many other worried peoples, I fear that there could be a day where the chance of seeing a little, humble bee buzzing to and from some flowers will be so incredibly small.


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