Bees bees buzz honey bees

I thought the movie was very interesting. i really like bees and learning about how they work and how the hive operates was really nice and i think it did a very good job of showing and explaining. I think a lot of people don’t like bees because they’re either allergic, don’t know if they’re allergic or are scared of getting stung. for instance my roommate came home and a bee was stuck in her hair and she didn’t notice so i told her to go outside and i closed the door on her and then told her there was a bee in here hair. luckily she actually really adores bees but not knowing what to do, through the door we decided she should go to the health center for her bee head and surprisingly she said there was a bee expert there, he got it out of her hair and explained what kind of bee it was and stuff it was really interesting.

Honey is actually one of my favourite foods, and i use it to sweeten a lot of things so i dont use more refined sugars. Im definitely going to look into buying more local honey from now on. Actually i love when it has parts of the honeycomb in it, im not sure if that hurts the bees at all to take some of the honeycomb away. in high school we had senior projects and someone in my class actually did bee keeping, she had a hive of bees for half of senior year and when she was presenting her project she gave everyone a little cup of honey with the comb. i think it would be nice like said in the movie if lots of individual people had one bee hive rather than one person a lot. my boyfriend is allergic to bee so i dont know how well that would go over but…

Also, theres this website called, They sell Honey products and stuff that goes good with honey. They also have a section on their site about saving the bees and what people can do. it gives some facts but mostly it just tells you to plant flowers, dont use pesticides, and to donate. I really wish there was more the individual person could do to help the bees, i will definitely bee looking into helping them more!




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