Food Diversity: A Journey In Change, With Food!

I’ve eaten a number of many curious foods throughout my life so far and I feel like I can at least admit that I have a bit of a good deal of food diversity going on for myself. As a child my parents bought from the local store so we ate the usual food products you’d find in most stores across the Northeastern part of the US here. If we didn’t buy food from the store we ate food grown from my Grandmother’s garden or went up to one of the farms in the area to pick some fruit or veggies like corn or tomatoes. A big food item in my area, pierogis, I have to say were a staple in my childhood diet and to this day I still feast on them when I can. They’re bloody fantastic and I was surprised to find a number of southern states actually don’t sell them in stores or even know of there existence. Shame really.

In the recent years since I started to travel due to college I’ve experienced a really fascinating change in the food I eat. While I ate both commercial foods and fair grown back at home, when I spent a year in DC my diet completely changed. Before college my diet consisted of mostly meats, carbs, wheats and grains, and a little veggie here or there. Due to the wide diversity of ethnic foods and organic stores in the DC area I was living in however I managed to completely change my diet to the point where for the first time in my life I ate a lot of vegetables and other very healthy, organic foods. My health had also improved greatly while on this new food diet. It was awesome.

Traveling seems to affect a person’s food diversity for the better or worse it seems. From my experience up til now it’s like the more one travels the better opportunities they have to try new foods and see how others eat.It’s great really and I wish more people were able to travel and try new foods, especially ethnic foods.

I’ve also found that major cities with a mixture of different cultural groups always have the best diversity in foods, like DC. The way they approach providing clean, organic foods in the area is also a big plus.


3 thoughts on “Food Diversity: A Journey In Change, With Food!

  1. i agree that traveling changes your food diversity! and that i also started eating healthier once i got away from home and traveled for college. the food here in sarasota is different than my home town which is only 3 hours away and i think its so weird because theyre both in florida, but i grew up in very very small town, you have to drive to next town over to get anything good. sarasota has a lot more options of things to eat for me that are close by.

    • That’s always really cool when you eat foods from one area and it’s completely different from back home, especially if it’s within driving distance. The area I’m from has a lot of local, farm grown foods in the markets. If you drive to one of the cities nearby though the food there is usually mass produced and imported from out of state.

  2. It makes total sense that traveling can change food habits. The diversity, the change, the adventure, the new cultural atmosphere–it all sounds tasteful and romantic. However, I still worry for picky eaters like me whether or not that’ll make a difference. I fear I would just gag at the sight of a pig head in Greece or driftwood worms from the Philippines. Even for the less nastier things, I fear travel will not force me to better my diet….:/

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