Food Diversity

I feel like I never got that much food diversity being from and agricultural town in Ohio. People in general there have a very close minded view of food and it is literally the land of meat and potatoes. I am an adventurous eater but pretty much the only grocery store was Walmart so I hardly ever got the opportunity to try new things. I wish I had more food diversity but to have food diversity in a place like South Vienna Ohio you have to have the money and time to go to the city and find food elsewhere. Luckily I had more means than most people in my community. I think it is sad because most people grow up on a very narrow range of food therefor that is the food that they will always eat. I also feel like most people cant even buy local. There simply are not any markets. I think market are mostly associated with city life and i feel like it is nearly impossibly to have markets in rural communities like the one I grew up in.


One thought on “Food Diversity

  1. Even though you did not get much food diversity, from what I’m reading it sounds like you got to eat very fresh and healthy food being from an agricultural town! With food diversity in the city comes lots of processed junk because none of the food was grown locally!

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