EARTH SHIPS: saving the earth one house at a time…



Who can say why the “ship” part of the title…In any case, you could save up on all sorts of bills living in these VERY environment-friendly homes. They’re home-made, made up mostly of recycled tires or bottles (sometimes other recycled items), and can be quite decorative depending on how much you’re wiling to spend after $7,000 of building them. You save up on electrical/water bills because you can also build your own gardens within them to sustain your food supply; the layers make the temperature inside pretty moderate, winter or summer, 70-ish degrees, especially with the amount of glass panels they’ll have to let sunlight in; and the designs help catch and use water from the environment without bringing in water from the centralized source (inside the earthship); the undrinkable greywater is channeled through a miniature machine within the Earthship to produce food. 

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6 thoughts on “EARTH SHIPS: saving the earth one house at a time…

  1. I’ve heard of Earthships before when I was younger. they really are an amazing form of engineering and creative thinking. Imagine if more people built their homes like this? It wouldn’t stop the current environmental issues we’re facing but if more people built Earthships I bet we’d see less being wasted because of how eco-friendly and cheap they are.

  2. These are amazing and i love the idea of them but i wonder how many people would actually enjoy living in them. I like that it plays on the idea that you really don’t need much to live comfortably and happily.

  3. Love the cool designs.
    Didn’t know these things existed. thank you!
    I wonder if these are really sustainable to live in for long periods of time….

  4. I love these!!! It kind of reminds me of a article I read a while ago, it says something like most of the garbages human created are from construction waste, but what if people start using recycle construction materials for buildings like Earthship? It would solve a significant problem!!

  5. Somebody can build the wonderful house by flat tires and broken bottles… and also it is an individual house that have electronic and water system. That is really clever idea. This kind of house might be the most futuristic design. We thought the future is full of machine, but our real future might be a simple and eco-friendly life like the Earth house.

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