Food in Turkey

In Turkey, the diet changes wherever you travel. 


The west coast of the Aegean sea will have more of a mediterranean cuisine influences with lots of tomatoes, olives, dairy products, greens, honey and of course fish.  As you travel inland and towards the high mountains to the east there’ll be meat, legumes, nuts.  Up towards north of Turkey, to the shore of the Black Sea you’ll see that the diet again takes a very heavy lean towards fish.  


One thing is there are not a lot of vegetarians  because good quality meat is relatively easy to come across and also a little cheaper. Since, it’s muslim country, pork is a thing that’s very scarce due to little or no demand. Another interesting thing is that Turkish cuisine LOVES yogurt.  Not the weird sweet stuff, like vanilla yogurt. Plain greek yogurt.


Fact: Greek yogurt actually originates from Turkey and so does most of the other food sources labeled “Greek _____”.  It’s just called Greek because it’s found to be more appealing to consumers in other countries. The CEO of the yogurt company Chobani is a Turkish man with a very thick accent.


Another thing I thought that was very different too is breakfast. A Turkish breakfast consists of cucumbers, eggs, tomatoes, honey, jams, different styles of bread, sometimes peppers,various breads, maybe pancakes if you’re cook is Americanized enough.  It’s not the norm to eat things like potatoes, waffles, bacon (no pork over here) etc.


Here is a map of Turkey for reference.



I also might as well add that this is one of the posts that I’ve enjoyed writing the most because, I haven’t been back in Turkey since January and right at this moment I am actually very hungry.


2 thoughts on “Food in Turkey

  1. It’s interesting that you briefly mention the diet changes depends on the area, I suppose a lot of countries are like that. It’s not hard to figure out why the situation in US is so different, perhaps simply because of it as an immigrant country, there’s not much adaptation to the environment going on in addition to some other countries that started up with more ancient civilizations.

  2. really need to try turkish food. I bet the meat is delicious. Its interesting that there are not many vegetarians there just because meat is easy to find.
    India also loves non-sweet yogurt! especially the southern part.
    Everyone in america seems to be grossed out by non-sweet/ salty yogurt but its funny because people in India get grossed out by sweet yogurt.

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