No Impact Man

Overall, I was left with a positive vibe after watching no Impact Man. There were plenty of times when I got really annoyed with him though. He clearly put his ego in from of his family at times and wouldn’t embrace decisions made by his wife. There were also times when I thought he was being the most considerable man to the environment, hoping to inspire people to make the world a better place. He didn’t let small pleasures and demands from his wife that didn’t support his views get in the way of his dreams. I find that quality inspiring and relatable to myself in a way. The wife was a different story altogether. Most of the time she was really annoying and self centered, but it was understandable at times because of what her husband was doing. I did feel bad for her when she wanted to have a second child but he really didn’t want to. It then felt that he really was jeopardizing his family for this experiment of his. As far as saving the environment goes, I think he said it himself, that if he changed it wouldn’t make a difference. Even though its really cool and inspiring to see someone go that far changing their lifestyle to support the environment, it needs to make other people give up the modern lifestyle and do the same thing. I know I wouldn’t be able to do it, but it was nice to see some of the NYU students from the film were giving it a chance.



3 thoughts on “No Impact Man

  1. i agree that the wife was Most of the time really annoying and self centered, but it was understandable at times because of what her husband was doing, but none the less still very annoying. i also got mad at the husband for some of the same reasons you stated.

  2. Balancing technology and environment-friendly methods is tough, but possible. I do not believe in totally disconnecting from the modern world of technology, because it’s important to stay informed about what’s going on in the world. You stay connected with those important to you and if approached appropriately maintain some sort of social skill.

    It’s important to practice that balance, even if it’s little steps like shutting off electricity when you really don’t need it, biking if you don’t really need to drive and waste gas, buying from local farmer’s markets, etc. During winter in Vermont my family doesn’t blast the heat. We keep it cold but warm enough to live in, always wearing jackets/sweaters. We have no such thing as air conditioner, just fans, which we barely use because we resort to jumping in our pond or swimming in the rivers. Simple things you make fun, plus, it saves money.

    I liked the idea of reconnecting with family and tying it with outside recreation. You seem to remember how to appreciate little things and the company of others rather than isolating yourself in your room with your computer/texts. Being outside also increases healthy, positive thinking and appreciation toward things, enhancing your exercise, etc…

  3. I agree that even though his wife was not happy with the experiment his pride wouldn’t let him give up. But in no way do I feel that is a fault of his own. I was actually very mad at his wife the whole time. I am the kind of person that will never give up something that I have put so much time and energy into starting. Despite the fact that the experiment ended up being harder than anticipated he kept on going. The fact that he kept going through his wife’s complaints shows strength and will power. You are your own person with your own goals before you are another persons care giver. She also knew what she signed up for and she is also not allowed to back out.

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