no impact man reaction

overall i thought the movie was very interesting the way it presented itself. I did not like the wife character at all, i thought she was selfish, annoying, addicted, and just not nice. i didn’t relate to her at all and i think one of the reasons i dont like her was that she was addicted and always complained about needing coffee or this or that and growing up with parents addicted to cigarettes its just annoying to hear. and her spending so much money on shoes and bags literally made me sick so i just didn’t like her from our first meeting her and it just kept getting worse. i didnt like her the most when she was trying to push a new baby on the family, i though it was really needed. i hate when people talk about wanting more kids when they already have one especially as small as the one in the movie because it seems like that kid isnt enough or they dont love that kid so maybe they’ll love the next kid more. thats just how i feel though. the husband character sometimes i likes but mostly also didnt like not in a hate like way like the wife but in an indifferent way, he seemed very pompous and demanding, very forceful of his ideas.  i liked that they were just experimenting with things and seeing what worked and what didnt like eating better or no electricity somethings worked others didnt. i guess what annoyed me most about the movie was showing the human side of the family, how they feel and what they want, the wifes constant nagging. thats not what i want when i look at an experiment, i want data, i want to just know what worked and what didnt, i dont care about how those people felt. For the most part i liked the little girl, this is coming from someone who is not fond of smallish children. i thought it was very irresponsible when they turned the power off to have that many candles around such a small child. but the point of it all was to make poeple think about how they live and i think it succeeded in that for the most part. i think everyone should do at least little things to help the environment if they can.


4 thoughts on “no impact man reaction

  1. I didn’t like the wife either and about everything you said about her a agree with. I think that she was a huge distraction to the main point of the documentary and it was a bit upsetting. It could have been done so much better. That fact that she wanted a kid made it seem like we we were watching the reality t.v. she loved.

  2. I agree with you mostly about the wife. She was really annoying most of the time. Especially when she wanted to buy bags and shoes which is something completely unnecessary as she already has enough. I’m glad she kind of turned around in the end.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with this post. I found the characters a bit pushed. The husband seemed way too enthusiastic and too care free. I don’t think he really cared about the wellbeing of his family when making this decision (thankfully everything turned out okay).
    I don’t think the little girl hated it, but I’m sure that’s partly because she’s too young to know better.
    The wife, was a misfire. I didn’t like her character at all. I felt she was too much of everything. It just seemed so fictional to me.

    It was an interesting philosophy. Good movie.

  4. What I feel like we all have to think about with this though, is that these people actually exist. They’re both extremists, just on opposite ends of the spectrum. The daughter, I feel like, is the one we should really talk about
    Everyone always says its our younger years that shape us and help us become who we are today and I’d like to know what people think the daughter will be like in the future. She went through something that none of her friends went through, and experienced life without TV or phones or even lighting. What is she going to take out of this? Sure she’s young and probably wont remember too much of it, but the influence will still be there, don’t you think?

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