No Impact Man

I was thinking about the same thing just literally days before we watch this documentary. I had the sane question. What does it take to nit make an impact on the environment? In my head I pictured throwing away all of society and living off the land. Being totally self-sustaining so when I heard what the documentary was about I had an image in my head of what it would be. I previously thought long and hard about what everything you would have to do to not have an impact. I did come o the conclusion that you would have to abandon society and money. If you buy things that are local, organic, and so on that is good but in at the same tie the money is going to enable someone else to buy something they don’t need; a product that was made in china and so on. I know that that kind of thought is a little extreme but I saw it as one big chain. I still like what they are doing however. I think it took a lot of guts and determination to have this goal and live in modern day society. It is quite a balancing act. I was surprised by surprised by how much negative attention they got for doing this. Why? He could be doing it for attention but even if he was it doesn’t matter. The effects of what he is doing are still having a positive outcome. Someone has to try. It just astonished me how negative these people were.  I found it interesting that the little girl didn’t seem to care at all about all the dramatic changes in her life. She seemed to just go with the flow on everything. To me, that proves we don’t need unnecessary things in are lives. We are just condition and taught that material things are important. I don’t think you are born with that desire to have a bunch of stuff.


One thought on “No Impact Man

  1. It does seem that way, doesn’t it. Our society loves to have everything bigger, we always need more, even though we don’t, and if we get it, we still won’t be happy. Our unhappiness with what we have seems to drive a lot of what we do.

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