missplaced assignment post

For my Outreach Project i decided to focus on kids and grabbing their attention in different ways that potentially not only stimulates their little minds but also makes them more environmentally conscious.
The Worksheet was inspired by Marine Life and Ecosystem posters i was exposed to as a kid in my dad’s office; as i reminisced i remembered the beautiful illustrations but honestly I would not be able to identify the different species . This made me think if somehow they were more interactive, I would’ve payed more attention.
When thinking of what interactive publications made an impression on me, I instantly remembered ‘spot the difference’ in the sunday funnies. I thought if somehow merging this concept with the aquatic illustrations in a more intricate way, it would be more effective.
I decided that the differences in the pictures should be the pollution in the environments, furthermore using local imagery from species found here in sarasota bay area. This will train the kid’s brain to look for all of the trash that shouldn’t be there when they actually visit any wildlife inhabited location.
I also decided to put an exercise underneath where they have to match the name of the species to the image of it. This is another way that the information becomes a type of game to them and potentially influence them positively.


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