Kind-of Impact Lady

The film we watched last class, “No Impact Man,” has been on my mind all week and I find I am mostly guilting myself for everything I do without actually being able to change my habits tremendously. I think the film does raise a good point though— what if everybody at least did a little bit more than they are doing now? What if environmental consciousness was more wide spread, or more time and funds were invested to scientific study to create more self-sustaining structures throughout the world? There’s a lot that can be done, and yet there’s a lot of too little too late to it, as well and we have very little actual control over the planet. Any discussion on environmental impact is a battle of cynicism and idealism.

For my part, I still live at home and I find that it makes it a lot harder to change my habits, because I would also have to change my parent’s habits (for example, I would like to walk or bike to and from campus more often, yet my dad insists on driving me) You can see some of a similar situation in the film in the case of “No Impact Man”‘s wife who throughout the film is continually not fully on board with everything he does and for who it takes a lot of time, and even the help of criticism directed towards the family, for her to come around.

To sum it up again, I still believe that everyone should try to do a little bit within their power to make the world last a little bit longer, or at the very least not make a point of making things worse.


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