The Cove

The Cove is probably the best documentary I’ve seen till date. It was no surprise when i found out that it had won an Oscar for best documentary the year it came out. It was very interesting as the filmmakers made it almost like a spy film in certain parts, building up true suspense and making us care about the characters and what might happen to them. It really helped it appeal to wide audience. Filmmaking aside, The cove showed me how cruel humans can be to fellow species even in this century. Just goes to show how selfish humans really are. But it also gives us hope seeing people like Rick O’ Berry and his persistence in trying to protect and save the dolphins. It’s people like him that make the world still have hope in maybe one day, becoming a better place. Usually people may go far in learning about how species have been diminishing but may never go as far as Rick in really trying to save them by putting their life on the line. It was truly a bold move when Rick walked right in with a TV  to a summit with many nations present just to make them aware of what was really going on.


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