My take on the cove

There are documentaries being produced constantly year round and very few have strong enough impact for them to be distributed in a large scale and payed attention. In this case, the cove, a documentary that focuses on the killing of dolphins in Wakayama, Japan. Hidden cameras in the trees capture the horrifying events. The documentary exist thanks to Rick O’Barry, Flipper’s old trainer who knows all about the abuse results when training these animals. Automatically I’m thinking that the director is clearly un-bias; although understandable most documentary directors are, the reason they decide to document a specific issue is because they want to showcase certain aspects of it, but this is usually done in a neutral manner. This is where the cove caused me to take it less seriously, seeing as the Japanese people are portrayed as evil dolphin eaters, as well as negligent and ignorant people. The documentary presents white people as heroes taking initiative in protecting the dolphins and protecting the people from eating mercury poisoned food, at the same time they are responsible for the majority of live dolphin sales in aquariums; they also (possibly until recently) are responsible for the majority of the marine contamination.
A great attempt at a good documentary, it seemed to be very conscious yet very dismissive.

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 9.30.26 PM


One thought on “My take on the cove

  1. I agree. This is one of the better documentaries out there and managed to keep my attention throughout and care about it. It may have seemed lie they portrayed american white people as heroes and asian people the villains though….

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